Facial treatments


Service Duration Service includes Price
 Microneedling NEW! 1h http://fashionhair.ee/microneedling-1 140.-
Mesotherapy with a machine* 1h cleansing of the skin, peeling with  gentle massage, mesotherapy, eyecream, facecream 65.-
Diamond microdermabrasion** 1h cleansing of the skin, peeling with  gentle massage, microdermabrasion, mask, eyecream, facecream 50.-
Diamond microdermabrasion + Mesotherapy 1,5h
cleansing of the skin, peeling, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, eyecream, facecream 85.-
Diamond microdermabrasion with cleansing facial care 1,5h
cleansing of the skin, peeling with gentle massage, microdermabrasion, deep cleansing, mask, eyecream, facecream 55.-
Mesotherapy 5 times
Diamond microdermabrasion 5 times

* A new dermaceutical procedure to rejuvenate skin. With a certain electric frequency moisture channels open up in the skin throuhg which active ingredients can be transported without an injection. Mesotherapy makes it possible to transfer active ingredients into the skin and is a gentle and painless method to achieve sensational and long-lasting results without the risk of infection. No unwanted side-effects such as bruises or wheals develop. Reduces wrinkles on the face and neck, mimic lines, acne scarring and pigment spots. The results are immediately visible after the first treatment, but 4-6 treatments are highly recommended.
** The skincells are renewed in regular cycle, this ability decreases with increasing age. To achieve an improved skin texture the dead skin needs to be exfoliated. The best possible preparation of the skin for the subsequent application of highly active ingredients and skincare products. It stimulates natural skin regeneration and visibly improves the skin texture, the result is younger looking skin,  reduction in wrinkle depth and refined pores. For more effective result 4-6 treatments are recommended.


Service Duration Service includes Price
Cleansing Facial Care with a gentle massage 1,5h Peeling, deep cleansing, gentle massage, mask and cream according to skin type. Suitable for all skin types, refreshes your complection. 42.-
Cleansing Facial Care 1h Peeling, deep cleansing, mask and cream according to skin type. 35.-
Facial Massage 30min. Gentle peeling, classical massage, moisturising cream. It relaxes and stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. 25.-
Facial Massage with Mask Treatment 1h Gentle peeling, classical massage, mask treatment according to skin type. It relaxes and stimulates the metabolism of the skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. 30.-
Hydradermie 1,5h Special treatment and deep cleansing, deep hydration, massage, mask, and creams 48.-
Hydradermie Plus 1h 45min. Special treatment- classical hydradermie plus treatment for the eye area, chest and neck 58.-
Hydralift express 45min. Treatment complementing Hydralift treatment and between two Hydralift treatments 38.-
Hydralift 1,5h Special Treatment- muscle stimulation with a mild flow, preceded by lymphatic drainage, which helps to exit toxines, reduces swelling. Quick results can be seen already after the first treatment: cheekbones are firmer and eyes wider open 50.-
Hydralift de Luxe 1h 45min. Special treatment- especially luxurious treatment for your face, eye area, neck, chest and hands. Treatment has a deep-cleansing and deep-moisturising effect on your skin and ends with a relaxing massage and a mask. 65.-
Liftosome 1h Absolute lifting facial tightens the face. Rich in vitamin C intensively firms the skin and restores its elasticity. Excellent for an express beauty treatment. 50.-